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Prime Movers Boston, MA

MOVING RATES - Prime Movers - Boston, MA

Based in Boston, we provide moving your belongings for All States.
The main option is to pay for services based on hourly moving rates for which we would be happy to provide you with a moving estimate. The alternative is to ask for a moving quote, otherwise known as a "flat rate". A quote often serves well in providing peace of mind since you know in advance what your move will cost. They are often required when a move is being subsidized by the government or by an employer. However, when movers quote a job, they take into account several factors. These include the cost of visiting the client to conduct a thorough inventory of all items to be moved and taking into consideration any possible delays or unexpected circumstances that could arise during the move.
For this reason, quoted rates will generally be set 15-25% higher than the estimated cost of moves.

Local moving services - how is the customer charged?

Movers charge for labor, moving truck usage, travel time and moving/packing materials used for the move. All of these charges must be filed with the local state agency (D.O.T. - Department of Transportation) and the moving company is not allowed to charge more or less than the filed rates (tariff).

Labor: You pay an hourly rate for each member of the moving crew - the clock begins when the movers reach the job (your old address, typically) and stops when they have finished at your new address. The hourly labor rate ranges from $20 to $30 per non-union mover and from $35 to $55 per union mover. Prime Movers Boston hourly rate is currently $20. However, this is subject to change.


Your moving truck or moving van is also charged for by the hour, which can run from $12 to $35. Keep in mind, you need a truck designed to move household goods, not freight. If there are any toll charges, they will be added to the overall costs of your move.

Travel Time:

This charge covers the mover's cost for returning to the facilities from the destination after the move is complete. Generally this charge equals one-half hour to one hour of the labor costs and moving truck costs.

Materials:     Get Free Printable Coupons

This is the charge for packing materials - boxes, crates, bubble wrap, tape, packing paper, moving blankets or any state-of-the-art moving equipment provided by the moving company before or during the moving process.

The relocation of oversized items such as pianos and large-screen televisions will usually be subject to surcharges, especially where stairs are involved.

Sometimes the contents of the home must be stored in the truck overnight. This occurs in cases where the closing contracts on a new home are delayed or often in long distance relocations where the crew loads the truck one day and can't unload at the new location until the following day. In such cases, an overnight storage fee of $100 will be charged. Payment for services rendered is usually requested in the form of cash. Exceptions to this rule include quoted jobs being billed to government departments or contracted / ongoing services provided to corporate clients.

Expect that the crew may stop for the occasional short break. After all, they are only human. Should the crew break for any extended period (ie. for lunch or dinner), this time will be deducted from the customers bill.
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